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WordPress Website Templates
Built for Professionals

Our WP templates are custom built and optimized for specific businesses. We’ve done extensive research for each WordPress template before we started the design and development process, therefore each template only requires new content and rebranding. Usual turnaround after cloning chosen template is just a few hours before it is ready for launch.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

All our clients websites are hosted on cloud powered provisioned as VPS. Our servers offer dedicated hosting to a maximum of 15 websites, which guarantees optimal performance in terms of RAM and CPU speeds and storage space for every client’s website.

WordPress Theme Updates

Updating theme can become a problem in case it’s set to automated update. It can change the way website look, affect the structure and some functionalities can also stop working properly. Most of WP website owners had a bad experience in past when it comes to problems caused by updating process, and all of them faced problem finding professionals who will fix it for them. It’s time to put a stop on that.

WordPress Plugin Updates

Updating plugins can become a nightmare for people who don’t know what to do in case plugin stop working or it starts acting strangely. As a business owner, you probably won’t have time to deal with such problems every month. Our business model was made based on experience where people were in need of help from experts.

Website Speed & Performance Maintenance

Do you think loading speed of your website doesn’t matter. If you do, then you are wrong. If your website is slower than usual for only a second, Google will gradually lower position of your website in organic search. Not to mention how people can easily get frustrated if your website loads for a couple of second on a mobile. Surely you will lose potential clients. Don’t allow that to happen and let our team set and maintain a speed of your website.

Automated Daily Backup System

We have an automated backup system in place that makes a copy of your website every 24 hours, and it is placing that copy in an external Google Drive location. Keeping your website safe and all of its data is a huge deal for us.

Security Monitoring System

The main feature of security service is real-time security monitoring system which gives us the ability to monitor and respond to any kind of threat in the shortest time possible. We use CloudFlare service on all websites which enable web application firewall (WAF) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection services to defend against the largest, smartest, and most persistent attacks, so you can keep your data safe and your websites up and running. Besides that, security plugins are installed on every website to increase protection.

Up-Time Monitoring System

We work behind the scenes to guarantee your website is always up and running. We do this by updating plugins and themes on your website. Our automated backup system is unique and you will never have to worry about losing any data. Our close monitoring signals are optimized to protect your website from all threats including breaches and unauthorized log-in. We have the expertise to avoid downtime, which can lead to loss of business and poor ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Content Update

You don’t have to worry about usual problems with publishing content on your websites. Our team is there to help, train or even update content for you. We just need your guidance on where to post the content you provide us and we will do the rest in no time.

NOTE: Our team does not provide content and we advise our clients to hire copywriters who will create quality content based on your company’s objectives.

On-Page SEO Optimization

We are applying a comprehensive set of SEO techniques that comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines. SEO package contains Heading tag setup, alternate tag setup, Robots txt setup, Test Crawling, Page Titles setup, Structured Data (Schema) setup, Image Geo Tagging, Preferred URL, Yoast, Google Analytics setup, Google Tag Manager setup, Google Search Console setup.

NOTE: For continuous and advanced SEO techniques (Off-Site SEO) you would need to hire our partnered agency Kodu Media.

Graphics and Image Edits

We will appoint a dedicated designer to work with you to spare you the headache of trying to edit images and customizing them for the website.

NOTE:We do not provide web design service but we offer image editing as part of our comprehensive service to our customers. Our commitment is to make it easier for web administrators to run their websites without having to outsource multiple services.

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